Winners and Losers


After I casted my vote last Saturday, I sat down and remained until the votes were counted. Sitting there alone and listening to the ‘Changers’ sitting beside me, I smiled as my mind drifted away and I considered the potential outcome of the election. That is all history now, the elections have come and gone, power has changed hands. I now present to you the losers and winners of the just concluded Presidential Elections.

1. APC- after the 2007 elections, there were rumors of attempts by the two leading opposition parties, ANPP and AC to come together and collaborate, forming a single strong opposition. But that didn’t happen as there were disagreements over power. After the 2011 elections too, there were moves by both the CPC and ACN to form a single party. People like me took the news with a pinch of salt but eventually, it worked. The two parties and some few others formed the All Progressive Congress. Their victory in this election goes further to prove there is always progress in unity.
2. Boko Haram- as I have said before, the goal of this cursed terrorist group is not a religious fight, neither is it about tribe. All they want is to make the government look weak and helpless. And they achieved this during Jonathan’s regime. So many Nigerians blamed his government for every terrorist action and many persons voted him out because of his perceived weakness in tackling the terrorist group. I only hope we have seen the end of them.
3. Jonathan- I have never seen him before but I was greatly pleased and joyful when he congratulated Buhari after the elections. So many persons who have transmitted rumours against his name were proved wrong. He promised to make votes count and though it worked against him, he delivered on his promise. He has ruled for 6 years and I believe it is enough time for a man to make a change. You have made a change in our electoral process and for that, have gained the respect of many persons and and love of us some of us. 
4. OBJ and the Godfathers-this would have marked the end of the beginning of the end of godfatherism in Nigeria politics had GEJ won. Unfortunately though, OBJ, Tinubu and the other godfathers of Nigeria politics still had their way. Their will was done once again and we still remain within their influence and politcs in Nigeria still favours godfathers.
5. INEC- the motto written under the emblem of the electoral umpire is ‘…consolidating Democracy, making your vote count’. Under the leadersip of the great history-maker, Attahiru Jega, you, INEC has risen from the ashes of distrust and up onto the podium of trust and respect that even the developed nations can learn a thing or two from. You have been able to offer Nigerians what we have always yearned for, making our votes count and allowing us have a say in oir destiny.
6. The Nigerian People- ‘vox populi voi Dei; the voice of man is the voice of God’ is a common statement made when the will of the people prevails. A whole lot of Nigerians have been chanting the ‘Change’ slogan for some months now. And though, persons like me still believed they were in the minority, believing the ‘Changers’ will lose, I have been proved wrong. Democracy is about the will of the majority. And here and now, the will of the majority of Nigerians have prevailed. We have got our wishes translated into votes and into a change in government. The people, afterall, owns the government.

-The Losers
1. Young Leaders- for whatever reasons it may be, GEJ got rid of OBJ and stood seemingly alone and with his party. Fashola couldn’t make the Vice President slot because the APC, in its wisdom, decided against presenting a mulsim/muslim ticket. The unknown parties, KOWA, Hope and the rest did not even win in any state at all. All these worked against the common man; the young man who has all it takes to lead a country and wants to contest for an election. From the aforementioned, it is obvious an independent candidate without a godfather, without the right religion or tribe, or contesting on an unpopular political party will lose even if he is the best man for the job. 
2. The Unconcerned- People like me who voted for Jonathan would be able to proudly say we voted for him because he is a good man and a great leader because of the way he accepted defeat. Persons who voted for Buhari will be happy their votes counted and that they were part of the change agents. But in all this, where do the people who never registered stand? What do the persons who were not bothered enough to monitor the result proceedings stand? Well, they may not be on the losing side, but they definitely are not on the winning side. Now that you know your vote count, get ready to change that attitude.
3. PDP- Truly speaking, the acclaimed largest party in Africa has had its chance in the destiny of this country. 1999 to 2015 is enough time to make your own mark. PDP has given many leaders and still continue to do so at other levels of government. But as far as the Presidency is concerned, the Peoples Democratic Party’s time in Aso Rock has come to an end; at least for the next for years.

-The Undecided
General Muhammadu Buhari, you have made a lot of promises, your supporters have also boasted and convinced many of us of your integrity and leadership qualities. They have assured us that you are not a religious zealot; that you are free of corruption; and that you have all it takes to break the bones of terrorism. When I was writing this post, I listed you among the losers because I was convinced you will not be able to do all these things you promised. But now, I want to leave it open. For now, you are neither a winner nor a loser. If, hopefully, you do even half of the things promised, you are the winner. But if you do not live up to the qualities your supporters have projected, then, you are the loser.
Mr President-elect, I hope you do better than Jonathan; if I could support Jonathan ardently with all his faults, then be sure you will have my support as the President of Nigeria.
And hopefully, a year or two later, when we begin to see your strides and the change you bring to this great nation, I will join Fakunle Victor Alaba, Adetolu Teemanuel, Adodo Eddy Osaman, Joseph Okoro, Adeyemi Ebenezer, Chidi Peace Nwokolo and so many of my friends in shouting the popular slogan,

May God guide President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari
May God be with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
May God protect and help all my friends and Nigerians at large
And most importantly,
God bless Nigeria.

2015 Elections, Winners and Losers.


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