NYSC Orientation Camp, The TEN commandments.

When I collect my call up letter, ‘what next?’ Well, this is what is next; the TEN
commandments on how to have a
memorable camping.
1. Thou shalt KNOW THE STATE you’ve been posted to. Browse it on Google,
you may just be surprised; check the map, ask people who have been there, go
to the park and ask how to get there, as well as the transport fare. Check the
Orientation Camp address on the nysc website.
2. Thou shalt TAKE ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. The Call-up letter, the
Statement of Result and your School ID Card must all be photocopied but NOT
laminated. 5 to 10 photocopies will do, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
Take a new passport now that you are still fine, get at least 20 copies with red
background which you will use throughout the service year Do all these before
you go bcos when you get there, you won’t believe the price.
3. Thou must GO WITH CASH. There will be no ATMs within the camps; in few
camps, they will allow you visit banks on weekends; in most, you are OYO.
You will only be paid 2500 for transport allowance about 10 days after arrival
while the first allawee will be give earliest, 3 days to the end of the camp.
4. Thou shalt GO EARLY. The kits, shoes, socks and the rest will be distributed
on first come first serve basis. Thus, if you come late, it will be either you are
give postgraduate size or jambite size, too big or too small. Going early also
assure you of a less bad mattress and hostel.
5. Thou shalt NOT FORGET ANYTHING, or you may be made to pay 200 for 20
naira. Just in case you are looking for a list, this is one: Soap, towel,
toothpaste, brush (tooth and hair, even shoe too), cream, pencil, paper, stapler
(e get why), good padlock, pouch, toiletpaper, torchlight, mosquito net(I mean
am o), dettol, slippers, marker, detergents, handkerchiefs, sleep clothes, and
not more
than 5 other clothes.
6. Remember Thine BELLY, FEED IT. Bring with you to camp, beverages, garri
(This will be manna later), sugar, food flask, water bottle, plates, spoons, NO
fork or steel cup is allowed, bring plastic. And while on camp, collect food card
o. Many people faint anyhow on camp; don’t be one.
7. Thou shalt NOT ADVERTISE thyself. Be gentle, be nice, no matter how short
the soldier is, respect him. For the first few days, the soldiers and camp
officers will be earnestly looking for scapegoats, don’t be one.Even your fellow
corpers, don’t take them for granted. I repeat, be nice to everyone; you will
reap the reward later.
8. Thou shalt remember thine INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS. An
extra SIM and battery will come in handy. Don’t forget your charger; charging
on camp is around 100 naira (I don’t know bcos I didn’t use for once). Make
sure you upload pictures on facebook, just in case your pictures get missing;
preserve the memories here. Also, go with an interesting novel or book. When
you are forced to attend boring lectures, you will need the distraction.
9. Take heed, and BE CAREFUL for everything. Keep your things very well; all
your belongings are ‘stealable’, ALL. And be careful of the people around you
also. Yes, be nice to them, but Judas Iscariot type of niceness is advised.
Don’t go with the crowd. And also, don’t get left behind. Be wise. Take heed
lest thou fall. Do your quiet time and pray as you have always done. Find time.
Don’t forget GOD. Take as many messages your phone to listen in case you
find yourself in a spiritual wilderness.
And lastly,
10. Thou shalt PARTAKE. Be active; partake in the activities. I ran 100m, I
played football, I did parade, I served food, I was drama coordinator for my
platoon. I was involved and I was very pleased and fulfilled. Met many
wonderful people. So far it is within the confines of God’s will, have fun.
— # DR_VJW


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