Since her marriage, every single time I’ve visited her, she’s been bruised in one part of the body or another.
Just the second week after their well-publicized wedding ceremony, I saw the outline of three fingers on her left cheek. Her light complexion did little to conceal the marks left behind by the hard slaps and blows from her seemingly gentle and harmless husband.
I know I may sound wicked, but I think she asked for that’s come upon her.
The very first day she introduced him to me, about a year before they eventuall married, I always had my reservations. And then, when I saw him slap the waiter serving alcohol in the bar beside my house, I had to call Grace and tell her to reconsider her relationship with this guy.
But she ignored my pleas and told me I have always had doubts about anyone who takes alcohol. She also defended the Emma and said maybe he was just angry a little. She insisted the waiter was in the wrong. She was ready to defend him to death. But I was not deceived. I don’t think anyone who intoxicates his blood with beer is fit to lead a family or care for another human. Not in the right way anyway.
So many times, Grace quoted from the book of Timothy in defending Emma; she said Paul even told Timothy to ‘take a little wine’ for his health. She went further to tell me of Jesus turning water to wine.
When I lost the argument, I offered to fill the guy’s space if she break up with him but she laughed out loud in her usual way;
‘Victor! You have started again’, she told me.
Well, here we are now, I received a call this morning from her sister that Grace has been hospitalized. I was happy for the call, thinking the time is due for her over eight months old pregnancy.
‘Is it time?’ I asked excitedly.
She said ‘No’ and then went ahead to tell me of the argument Grace had with Emma the previous yesterday night. She narrated how grace told him to quit drinking after another late night at the bar.
A slap was all she got in response. And then, Grace threatened to report to their Pastor; but as she made for the door, he held her arms and threw away from it.
Grace landed on their glass centre table and then fell on her belly before losing consciousness.
I have been sitting beside this hospital bed for the past two hours. And as I am writing this story, Grace is looking troubled even in her sleep with her two hands clutched tightly to her belly.
The sad look on her face as she sleeps has not allowed my hand stop from shaking even as I write this.
I have just been told the Doctor’s report is ready. I just hope we have not lost the baby; and more importantly, I hope I have not lost my friend.
Please, my friends out there, especially the ladies, just before I listen to the Doctor’s verdict, let me advice you to learn from Grace.
PLEASE, DO NOT MARRY AN ANGRY MAN; and never consider going into courtship with a drunk.
Please I beg of you, I do not want to have to pass through this fear of losing someone ever again.


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