The Man Every Woman Want

The Husband Every Woman Wantswpid-wp-1421024125756.jpeg


A man after God’s heart.

After God, it’s his sweetheart.

Thoughts of her cloud his days.

He Dreams of her when he lays.


He wakes and stares at her most days.

Just taking in the feel of her as she sways.

Grateful to God for the gift of her.

Happy they are together.


Rising up early, he leads them both in prayers.

Taking to God, all their matters.

A hardworker, that’s who he is.

Responsibility is what he eats.


He may not be rich as Bill

But he earns enough to pay the bill.

He may not possess the six-packs of commando.

But he has strength and will to tell other women ‘No’.


He protects his most treasured lover and wife.

Ready to save her in exchange for his life.

He prays and moves the hand of God on bended knees.

Standing in the gap for his family and kins.


Ask her wife why she loves him and she’d say,

‘He makes me happy in many ways’.

The other day, his wife was frying,

He took a piece and went running.


Then while she was washing,

He tickled her sides and was just laughing.

Getting playful and childish with her.

Cherishing every moment there are.


He is the role model to his wife and partner;

Setting example in deeds and character.

His wife is his friend, sister and mother.

There is no one he loves better.


Consulting her in all of his decisions.

Taking her as an equal in all discussions.

Many times, he takes over the kitchen;

Telling the love of his life to sit on a cushion.


There is nothing he can’t do to make her happy.

Comforting her when she is weary.

Neighbours whisper he is under her spell.

But it’s under God’s eternal love they dwell.


And his wife is ever grateful

For the gift of a man so wonderful.

Cos she knows she’s got the real deal.

May God make us like him and give us such as he.




-# VJW


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