Dead To Christ

‘Dead to Christ’
Now, no more do I understand
True, I know not where we stand
Tho’t the church is in Christ’s hand
And not just this house of mere sand

Where are the powers as of old?
Praying hearts have now gone cold
We should be sheep in Christ’s fold
But all we chase now is earthly gold

Even in the ways we pray
We also have gone astray
In secret, Christ, we betray
But in open, his name we portray

For hours, in church we dance
Our Pastors holiday in France
For little sins, we give a chance
Though soiled, proudly we bounce

From those in need, christians turn
At the weak, we now poke fun
At the Spirit’s rebuke, we never mourn
Even our youths are lost in porn

Jesus, for love, his life laid down
For all mankind, he dropped his crown
Today, to sin, christians never frown
We are all lost, both black and brown

A God who suffered for human race
Mere men of dust spit on His face
He bore it all, to give us Grace
And with might, run the heavenly race

Arise christians, let us go back!
Ask from God, the grace we lack
Before it’s late, get back on track
Christ waits to say ‘Welcome back’
I, Victor James, this poem now write
To myself and all who against sin, fight
Who, on that day, want to be on the right
And in heaven, rejoice in God’s light
May God lead us home.


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