Samson Stories

(Judges 14:1)

It was a very busy morning for him.
From the first week he spent as the Judge of Isreal, he found out that the day following the sabbath was the most hectic.
Folks who kept all their pent up angers and complaints found it necessary to unburden everything on him before the week set off.
This was such a day.
Since 7am when he came to office, even before entering the small room set out in the corner of the street for him, he saw people in groups of threes and fours, murmuring and whispering- apparently waiting for him.
‘Don’t this people even have families or jobs to do?’ Samson complained as he shook his head and changed his countenance.
As soon as the people spotted him, silence fell over the gathering and everyone quickly arranged themselves into a straight line.
With a mumbled ‘Good morning’, Samson set about the day’s work without waiting for a response.
He answered questions after questions and settled disagreements one after the other until he was tired.
It was already 10am and the crowd still hadn’t abated.
‘I won’t come and die for you people’. He cussed under his breath as he marvelled at the long queue still waiting.
He never asked to be made a Judge. It was a destiny chosen for him by an angel he had never met- and it was one he regretted everyday since he started the job.
‘Even Moses spent his life and never reaped the reward, I won’t kill myself for this ungrateful people’. He muttered again as he stood up suddenly and slapped the table to draw the attention of everyone.
Not that he needed to do that anyway.
Since the day he used his left foot to kick his horse to death, just because it blocked his way, most persons who witnessed the event or heard the rumor had learned to keep silent anytime he was near.
‘I am done for the day!’ Samson shouted to the waiting crowd and ran his fingers through his long uncut hair.
Without looking back at the disappointed crowd, he closed the shed he used as an office and went away, leaving the Israelites in subdued anger.
Taking the white horse given to him by his father, Samson rode out of town and towards the boundary Isreal shared with the Philistines.
He needed to get away from the high expectations of the nation. He was already over 30 and no one ever bothered to ask about his own affairs.
Riding slowly across the border, the cool breeze of an orchard reached him and he descended from his horse to walk the rest the rest of the way to Timnath, a small city in Cannan.
Strolling through the beautiful pines of Timnath, the cool breeze rested on his shoulders as he took in the fresh air into his lungs.
He kept asking himself why he couldn’t find such a peaceful place in the whole of Isreal. The weight of being a judge rested heavily on his shoulder anytime he was back home.
Samson had never been one to seek God or ponder on the Scriptures, he did his oblations and performed the needed sacrifices but other than these minimum requirements, he never found time to be closer to the God of Isreal.
He had read about Abraham and how he was a friend of God but he always told himself he wasn’t cut out for such a life.
He was still in the midst of all these questions when he spotted a woman in the orchard plucking some pears into the basket held on her free hand.
From her dressing and countenance, Samson knew the beautiful young woman was a Philistine but he looked on still.
Her thick black long hair rested on her shoulders and her slender body swayed in her seamless gown. With big round eyes beneath thin eyeslashes, she was a welcome distraction from Samson’s moody thoughts.
Still gazing at her from his end of the orchard, Samson felt a certain itch to know her better. And never being one to shy from any challenge, he approached her and introduced himself.
With his muscular body and six-packed belly showing beneath his tight shirt, the woman could barely keep his mind away from Samson’s imposing physique as he spoke in his rich and bold voice.
The two of them looked into each other’s eyes as they talked and right there and then, there was the spark.
As the Timnite bent her head and removed her gaze, Samson laughed, assured his charm had worked its magic.
‘What would be your answer if I asked you marry me?’ He asked out of the blue, seizing the moment.
She blushed and laughed as she looked at the sudden seriousness in Samson’s eyes.
‘Wow! Are you serious?’ She asked rhetorically, the way ladies do when asked a question of the heart.
‘But you are an Isrealite and I thought you guys are forbidden to marry outside your nation’. She reminded Samson, trying to make sure he was not toying with her emotions.
‘I am the judge of Isreal, I determine what is right and what is forbidden. Besides, I want you, you want me, I love you, you love me, what else do we need?
‘Don’t worry about all that. No one can complain, not even the church has the temerity to ask me any question. Just say ”Yes”.’
Giggling and blinking fast, the Timnite whispered a low ‘Yes’, filled with suppressed emotions.
It was all Samson needed.
With smiles melting the hard jawlines of his face, Samson held her by the arms and threw her into the air.
The Timnite giggled like a baby as she floated in the air before gravity returned her into Samson’s strong open arms.
‘I will be back to make the preparations’ he announced as he climbed his horse and slapped the animal into life.
Blowing a kiss in her direction, Samson mouthed a silent ‘I love you’ and rode away towards Israel to inform is parents about his plans.
Looking on at his disappearing back, the Timnite picked her basket and wondered if it was all a dream.
Still enthralled by the event, She knelt and thanked Dagon, the god of her father, for finally answering her prayers.
To be continued…
Episode 1


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