Spirit of Music

You may possess the voice of an angel or have that of a broken car engine. No matter who you are or how you do it, we all get the same feeling from singing and listening to a song.
There is something about songs which makes it distinct from words, a certain feeling that you are breaking boundaries.
If there ever was an 8th day of creation, just after the creator rested, it would be that ‘on the eight day, God created music; strings and tunes, notes and voices.’
Music serves as a release for some heavy burdens mere words cannot utter.
Music makes light the heavy soul, bring reprieve to a troubled mind.
When you stand alone, lie on your back or sit, and shout out the words of a song, you are connected to a part of you that you never knew existed.
The right song with the right lyrics and tunes with the right pauses and breaks, does more for the soul that a thousand medicine.
Music can open up the heart without surgery.
It can teach lessons of life without a school.
It can bring smiles to the face without comedy.
Music can raise a man up without needing a stetcher, it can bring you down without stairs.
Songs can make you cry when no one afflicted you- the pain is just in the heart.
Music, for me, is a source of joy and hope, a prayer I couldn’t find words to say, a call for love.
Music has been a solace from life’s troubles.
I just plug my earphones most times, lay my back on my pillow, rest my head against the wall, cover myself with a blanket and just travel into space or wherever the song takes me to.
Music is everything.
It can create or destroy.
The right music can lend a voice to your soul and give you a way to express yourself.
The right music can save a soul.
I dare say, MUSIC is LIFE!


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