On The Run

On Friday, around 2pm…
I saw him for the first time when I stood on the queue, about to use the Bank’s electronic door.
He stood behind me and used the door after me.
I saw him again when I went to the counter and withdrew fifty thousand naira as balance to my school fees.
When I was filling the withdrawal slip, he looked up from the Newspaper he was reading and asked for my pen.
When I saw that he just sat back down after I gave him the pen, I became a little bit suspicious but brushed it aside.
He just sat there with his eyes hidden behind dark goggles and continued reading the paper.
When I was done, I went out of the bank and headed home.
But as I was about crossing the road to the other side, I looked behind me and saw this same man coming out of the bank.
I didn’t even think anything of it.
In any case, I checked my backpack and made sure the zip was well closed.
When I crossed the road, this man also crossed the road.
It was then I decided to really look at him and take note of his appearance so that I would be able to describe him if anything happens.
Aside his dark glasses, he wore jeans trousers and his shirt was usually bigger than his size.
I think he noticed I was looking at him as he doubled his speed and crossed the road too.
I was getting increasingly suspicious but I didn’t want to show it.
I entered a street with a dusty road and shops at the sides.
I doubled my speed too.
When I saw a junction, I branched into another street that had nothing to do with my destination just to test if it was all a coincidence.
He branched into the street too.
It was at this moment I calmed myself and decided to apply sense.
I stopped at a shop and priced some items to see if the mister would bypass me.
When I looked back, he had also stopped three shops away.
By this time, I knew what exactly was going on, my suspicions were confirmed.
Suddenly, I dropped the item in my hand, I think it was a carton of battery, and walked away very fast.
He too left the other shop as soon as I was back on the road.
I stopped pretending and jogged down the road.
He also started jogging after me.
So many thoughts crossed my mind- to shout or not to shout.
I saw a path between bushes and branched as I increased my speed.
I really wished there was a 911 to call but there was none.
I heard rustlings behind me but kept running.
Since the path was windy, I couldn’t see behind me but I heard footstpes running towards my direction.
It was then I forgot every modesty and really ran for my life.
When I reached the end of the path between the bushes and entered a new open street, I realized I was alone.
He was no longer running behind me.
I heaved a sigh of relief and waited to catch my breath.
I was very delighted and proud of myself that I was able to lose him.
After some moments I arranged my shirt and took the left turn, towards home.
I almost ran out of my skin when I saw this same man standing right there beside me.
He took a shortcut and had been waiting for me to turn and see him.
Immediately I saw him, I turned to the right and was about running when he called me back.
‘Please bros, wait!’
I stayed where I was and looked at him suspiciously.
I held my bag with my left hand as I moved backwards when I saw him trying to get near.
Eventually, he spoke up.
‘You forgot your pen with me, I just wanted to return it.’
100 percent fiction written to test my skills on thriller, exercise my mind and pump your adrenaline


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