A Day and Night

One day, one night,

When my hair is white

And my skin is tight.

When I know not left from right

And can no longer stand aright.
No inspiration to write

And no will to fight.

When I sleep in fright,

Doubting if I’d see the morning light.

When even taking a bite,

Wound take great might.
I hope in my life’s highlight,

I would have lived right.

Made a soul bright
Brought to a dark life, sunlight,

Gave a blind soul, sight,

Helped a man to a higher height.
Then on the judgement night,

When I approach the throne in fright,

And whisper, ‘should I go to the right?’

My maker would answer, ‘that’s right!’.
Then I’ll laugh in great delight

As I’m counted among God’s elite.

I pray my garment would be white,

Clean and pure, without a blight.

And finally when saints take their flight,

I will forever rest in heaven’s light.




‘A Day and Night’


(c) 2016.


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