Formal Education vs Creativity: A Changing World

It is common knowledge that the advent of technology has rendered many traditional professions obsolete and the wind of change is now felt in all spheres of life.

The world of business, sport, science just to mention a few, are not left out of this transformation.

Narrowing the change to the world of education, you will also notice that the formal trainings we receive now are far different from the ones we got in the 70s and 80s.

The education was meant to prepare us to live the life of the past, not the life of the future. Even today, the education we receive equips and trains us to live for today. It does not tell us how to face and confront the future ahead of us. Hence, one could say formal education has not only changed, it also has become limited. 

It has become customary to see many young witty folks, after graduating from their higher institutions of learning, roaming the streets, looking for white-collar jobs that do not exist. They engage in this futile search after passing through the four-walls of a higher institution to acquire formal education, learning theories that are impracticable and inapplicable of solving the typical 21st Century challenges. 

Shouldn’t we expect the unemployment rate to hit the roof or rise above 90% if this dash for formal education increases at the expense of other abilities? 

With an ardent desire to be more unique and outstanding in the labour market, some other graduates outsmart their colleagues, pressing further to acquire more professional certifications. These folks often become more bewildered when confronted with unforeseen issues in their work place that renders the professional knowledge tool very limited. 

I ask myself, to what extent has accumulating more degrees and professional certifications solved the problems of our world today? 

Friends, there is no longer a greater future for professional certifications, degrees and intelligence. The rule of thumb is this: Fifty years to come, most of the knowledge we have acquired from formal education today will be irrelevant to break through the hindrances of transformation of that world.

Those who are rightly equipped and trained to face the challenges of the world today and in the future are those with creative minds and abilities. 

Let me repeat the previous paragraph, ‘Those who are rightly equipped and trained to face the challenges of the world today and in the future are those with creative minds and abilities.’

According to the Encarta Dictionary, Creativity is “the ability to use the imagination to develop new and original ideas or things…” 

Muyiwa Afolabi, a Practical Career Success Coach affirmed this when he said, “Creativity is the ability to think up answers and solutions to challenges and problems irrespective of time and season. They are natural abilities and tendencies to solve problems based on intelligence, good thinking and reasoning.” He went further to state that “it is the ability to look at a problem and enable the brain to fathom a way out or a way around the problem. It is the basis for innovation, inventions, revolutions and origination.”

The problem of many individuals, communities and nations of the world today is that they have relegated to the background, the power of creativity, only to chase after academic theories, assumptions and philosophies that have no potency in timeless application. 

The knowledge in the academic world is restricted by time while creativity is not time bound. It is always relevant, in season and out of season. The formal knowledge we receive can only at best, solve the problems of today while creativity solves both the problems of today and in the future. 

Even the Creator of the Universe used the power of creativity to bring the world into existence. How can we desert creativity and assume to have all the knowledge, skills and abilities to solve the tomorrow`s conundrums? Professional Certificates and degrees make us literate but being creative guarantees our success. 

As from today, stay connected with the Most Creative Personality (God). Begin to soar on the wings of creativity in your chosen field, solving humanity’s challenges on the way. 

Have a beautiful day and remember, 

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

-Emmanuel Idiagi


2 thoughts on “Formal Education vs Creativity: A Changing World”

  1. Yea, this is true.. Formal Education is just a Necessary foundation.. Through Creative thinking we build on our education to solve problems

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