Opportunity in Problem’s Clothing

When you ask why some people fail in life and the rationale behind struggling or backwardness, Majority of people will give answers like ‘the economy is bad’, “there is recession,” “the government is corrupt,” “the problems of our world have multiplied” and other similar answers.

The economy often carries the blame for the depressing state in their lives. The unintelligent crave for oil as the mainstay at the expense of other viable means is also seen as one of the problems. Many are quick to compare third World countries like Nigeria to the Western world, Asian Tigers who are making it and advancing rapidly.  

“If there was stable power supply, good communication and transportation network, I won`t be a failure,” some would say. 

Can we get some things straight before we move on? 

There`s a difference between collective problem and individual problem; ‘our problem’ and ‘my problem’; the challenges in ‘my’ world and the challenges of ‘the’ world. The irony of life is that a person`s problem may be an opportunity to another and an opportunity for another may be someone`s problem. 

Many have downplayed the ‘power’ of problems. Wherever there is a problem, that is an opportunity calling. But it`s unfortunate that many individuals have structured their minds to see problems and hindrances to their success. With such adulterated mindset, no amount of capital will be sufficient for the individual to enter the pool of successful folks.

When I look at successful folks in our world today, they all have one thing in common. The Microsoft and Disney empires which are both highly successful billion-dollar business have one thing in common: They were both launched during a recession.

In Nigeria today, we have countless and innumerable opportunities disguising themselves as problem – opportunities in problem`s clothing. In times of uncertainty, insecurity and doubts, people get creative. They break out of their comfort zone which they see as a burial place to their better place. They become tough as they move, confronting the challenges. 

When the will and decisiveness to solve a problem mixes with appropriate actions, then than man is on his way to becoming super successful. 

A crawling and struggling economy can be a productive ground for those who are ready to make good income. 

So, Stop overestimating the problems you see. What is happening in your world may not be happening in the world. The problems you see in the world have been there and they`ll continue to exist as long as human beings keep existing. 

Begin to see the lacks, wants and needs in your community. According to Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used in create them.” We must enter into the realm of creativity as we discover the problem. With the help of God, take up the challenge and start solving them. Get empowered by developing the indispensable skills and talents you`ll need to solve them. Get acquainted with the problem and the community as well. Network with other people around the globe, trying to solve the problem you`re passionate about solving. Avoid complaining, mediocrity and poorness of thought. Subject yourself to excellence as go on your journey to becoming successful.

And you will soon claim that success your heart yearns for.

– Emmanuel Idiagi


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