Epistle to Christian Traditionalists

1. I, Victor, saved by Grace, a child of God, born of the Spirit, washed in the blood of Jesus, writes this letter to all Christians of the Traditional creed.

2. In clear terms, I mean I am addressing this letter to all those who profess to have been washed by the same blood as I was; but who still teach the mere words of men as the commandment of God. 

3. Brethren, for you are still my fellows in Christ, I am hardly pressed to say things I have seen, heard and read.

4. It is commonly reported amongst the brethren, and I have been a victim and witness too, how you cut down people and hold on firmly to the traditions and laws of men over the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus.

5. You always find a way to back your human rules with a verse of the scriptures or the other, but it doesn’t subtract from the truth that your works betray Jesus and his name.

6. One of you, who attended the same school and church as I back in the University, saw me joke and laugh with my roommates one evening and he tried to ‘correct’ me to be more sober.

7. ‘You play and joke too much for a Christian’, he said, more or less.

8. And concerning football, the same brother also disagreed that a man born of God could still engage in fleshly and carnal activities like playing football.

9. I heard his words back then and it didn’t even affect me a bit even though the said man was far older than me in age and academic level.

10. I wasn’t new to such words of accusal; I had lived with them all my young Life.

11. When I was but a boy, church elders and parents told us to watch football is sinful.

12. Some also added such activities like wearing jeans, rubbing powder, attending birthdays or celebrating one, movies, shaking hands with opposite gender, missing a church service, not shaving beards, using chain wristwatch and such other things that ink and time would not permit me to itemize here.

13. In the same manner, a lady who was of this traditional creed called a young sister in the Lord after a service one day and advised her, backed up with scriptures, against using Roll-on, the armpit disinfectant, after bathing.

14. Interestingly, some few years later, this same traditionalist saw and realized that the brown spots that always stuck around the armpit of her blouses could be easily avoided by using a roll-on after bath.

15. Heaven bless the sister, for she had to find a way to call the young sisters after years had passed and apologize for leading her astray and telling her things that God had not commanded.

16. She told the younger sister that she now knew better and her conscience could not allow her to continue putting the yoke and bondage of her commandment, not God’s, on her.

17. But who knows what might have transpired between those four or five years after the words of condemnation were passed? 

18. And I say this without any joy or gloat, my fellow-church brother who thought football and jokes were sinful has left the church today.

19. Hopefully, I want to believe he is still firmly in Christ.

20. All I am saying with this epistle is simple and basic to the Christian creed;

21. The word of the Almighty have been written in the Holy Scriptures.

22. The Bible is complete and there is no adding or subtracting therefrom; such editing is heavily forbidden by Heaven.

23. This has been clearly expressed through the word of God.

24. In fact, I dare say all the commandments of the Old Testament have been summarized by Jesus, our saviour into two;

25. To love God above everything else, and love our fellow humans just the same.

26. Any other thing you think your God counts has sin, which is not written anywhere in his Words, disregard and leave it out.

27. And in no way, at any time, for whatever reason, must you teach the same belief of yours to other gentle and innocent souls.

28. Let us start to hold firmly to the words of Christ and not just teachings of men.

29. Let us start to distinctly differentiate between the word of the Almighty and the advise of flesh and blood.

30. An advice and wisdom of a man is not a command of God; and hence, it cannot be a sin when disobeyed.

31. Brethren, let us stop heaping guilt and burdens on fellow Christians and meek souls. The devil uses such opportunities to accuse brethren and make them lose faith or stop the race.

32. As my man of God said one day, ‘Where the word of God is clear, I will be firm. And where the Bible is silent, I will be silent.’

33. When our Lord comes to take us home, may we all be ready and pure enough for our God.

34. This epistle can be shared and copied for brethren to see and read.

35. Grace and peace be upon us all.



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