I guess a man must think of life once in a while…
On this bright morning,
I think about the end.
Not the end of the world,
But the end of our lives.

I ponder and wonder;
At the end of it all,
When I walk the last mile,
Would I be happy for it all?
Would I look back with a smile?

Or would I see a life of regret?
Filled with broken dreams
And never leaving the shadows.
Never making a move,
Never going the distance.
Would it be a life of fear,
Or a life of beauty?
Really, What is a beautiful life?
It is a million dollars question.

One man is content with his wife,
Another is happy for his kids.
They both are grateful to God,
For the gift of love and a family.

But the other man curses his family,
He says they held him back.
‘Maybe I could have been great’,
He says in bitterness.
He becomes a man of anger,
Waking each day with regret.
He looks on his family sadly,
And all he sees are mistakes.

Some get happiness from books
Some from movies and games
And there have also been few men,
Whose well of joy and gladness
Lies in making others happy.
Some spend years serving God,
Others live their lives for humanity
And few men live for themselves.

Some men want to travel the world
Many a man just want to be in love,
A few people long to be lost in music.
And yet, many wander around lost.

‘Life is but a vapour’,
Kind Solomon put it that way.
He says it will all fade away.
Well, if that is the case with life,
I guess one could as well live it right.
Chase the dreams again and again,
Fail and fall flat if you must.
Rise again and keep pushing on.
And if you fall again, you rise again.

Methinks life shouldn’t be wasted,
Crying over the past mistakes
Or holding on to the hurtful memories.
We learn day by day,
Try as much as possible to be better,
And always give her best.

And if our best isn’t enough,
We don’t just give up and move on,
We improve our ability and try more;
Be our best one again,
And wait for the results.
And I promise this,
One day, it will all make sense.
We will strike gold,
We will get what we dream of.

But while we live,
Why don’t we do it right?
Serve our creator,
Love other men,
Laugh when we can,
Cry and dry the tears too.
And move on with life.

Dream, no matter how little,
Work with our hands and mind
Live without worry,
Believe in ourselves
And trust the future to be better.

And while we are alive,
May we never forget to live…


What do you think?

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